GOAT Father's Day Gift Guide GOAT Father's Day Gift Guide

GOAT Father's Day Gift Guide

By Marily Melis

GOAT Father's Day Gift Guide GOAT Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is fast approaching, show him how GREAT he is by getting him some goat gear! Everyone's Dad is their "Greatest Of All Time" - so show him how much he means to you with a fun gift and an adventurous plan for how you will spend the day together. Might we suggest presenting your gift in a unique way, maybe you hide a package near your favorite fishing hole ,or that you give him a gift at the top of a mountain or the end of a hike. The day is more about spending time together rather then the gifts. Be clever and creative in how you plan your day. Here are a few of our top gift picks for the RAD DAD's in your life.

I mean what Dad doesn't need a new coffee tumbler? You could make him breakfast and then give him the coffee tumbler full of hot coffee with a note that suggests you all go for a bike ride together. This mug fit perfect into your bike water bottle cage plus it's durable and it keeps your drinks hot!


Growing Goats Coffee Thermos

Looking for something for the hippest Dad on the block? Go with a 5 panel wool hat with a unique leather GG patch.

Warm Soul WOOL HAT!

Wool 5 panel Growing Goats Hat

Have a Dad who is at his best when playing outside or seeking out new adventures? Remind him of how influential he is with a FREEDOM is in the WILD t-shirt.

Freedom is in the WILD T-shirt

Freedom is in the Wild
 Cheers to all the Dads out there! Keep doing what you are doing.

Growing GOATs is all about knowing and growing your greatest of all time.  All those RAD DADs out there who are going after their goals (their GOATs) and also raising them (for most of us parents) - our kids are OUR greatest of all time! Keep up the good work.


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