Have Baby - Will Camp Have Baby - Will Camp

Have Baby - Will Camp

By Marily Melis

Have Baby - Will Camp Have Baby - Will Camp

As many of you know having kids certainly changes how you adventure - I mean you have a tiny human to keep alive and more responsibilities. But it doesn't mean your adventures have to stop, they just have to adapt. In our quest to live out our "Greatest Of All Time" lives as a family we wanted to highlight a recent GOAT family. They are rocking the herd and raising their little to be resilient and fearless by bringing her on all their adventures. AKA - Growing Their Goat.

Baby Hand Off - Mountain Biking and camping advnetures with kids

This small herd from Colorado decided to venture into Wyoming for some camping and mountain biking.... 2 nights in the woods with a 1 year old and a great group of friends. Camping with kids is great, they can get as dirty as they want, there are tons of new things to explore and usually everyone helps keep an on the wee ones.

Growing Goats trucker hat at camp

The camping set up consisted of a larger 4 person Slumberjack tent that easily fit a pack-n-play. A larger cooler with food, beer and extra rations of milk. A Kelty kids carrier and of course Mom and Dads mountain bikes. Oh yeah, SNACKS, always pack plenty of snacks. Making setup a game kept the 1 years old entertained for at least an hour. Stakes, tent poles, the air mattresses - so much fun stuff to check out.

Growing Goats goes camping with kids

As any mountain biking couple has realized after kids, you don't tend to ride "together" much, but ya can still ride. This family tag teamed the weekend, with bike and baby hand offs. Mom got to ride a full day and Dad got a shorted afternoon ride the first day. The next day Dad got the big ride in and Mom took the wee one on a nice hike.

Team Work Makes the Dream work - growing goats biking family

Medicine Bow National Forest has tons of hiking options and it's easy to find trailheads, whether you want to hike 1 mile or 20+ there is plenty of beautiful scenery and lake views to take in. Also an abundance of campgrounds or freedom camping space. This year was exceptional as there was no fire ban and all the wildflowers and mushrooms were still out for mid-August.

mountain biking mama - knowing her goat

Hope this inspires you to venture a bit out of your comfort zone and pursue your goals. Need help figuring what your goals should be or your destination, scroll through our KNOW YOUR GOAT page, we offer tips on setting goals and living an intentional life.

The Growing Goats Herd