About Us



Like all things we love, Growing GOATs was born from a whim, nurtured by passion, and has grown into an unexpected gift of joy and purpose.

On February 14, 2018, while folding laundry (yes, that’s what parents really do on Valentines), we started talking about our love of mountain goats (having just seen them on a trip to Mount Rushmore).  Traits like their confidence, agility, playful spirit, and ability to go against the norm (they go up when everyone else is going down) inspire us.  We love that they live on the edge and see life from the peaks, but like us, they spend most of their time on the journey. We established a family motto: Growing GOATs (convenient, since baby goats are called “kids”).  We are not just raising our kids… our kids are OUR Greatest Of All Time (our G.O.A.T.s)…we are Growing GOATs!

Thru exploration, we uncovered an even deeper meaning.  A hallmark in raising great kids is teaching them to create goals and have the skills and persistence to achieve them.  Then there’s reality: kids don’t always listen to what we say, but they do pay attention to our actions.  We know the adage, “Do as I say and not as I do” doesn’t work! But, how many times do you put yourself last; skipping the gym so you can make dinner or get the kids from practice?  Can you really expect your kids to prioritize their health if they don’t see you doing it?

All the more reason for you to have a GOAT (a goal) of your own! Image the moment, when you know “you’ve made it.”  That moment when you have achieved your greatest goal, become the person you’ve always wanted and feel secure in all the ways (financial, career, and/or relationships) that make you want to jump for joy.  What is that moment?  Where will you be?  Who will be with you?  How will it make you feel?  Imagine it like you have already achieved it.  (Allow yourself a moment to stop, take a deep breath, and actually answer those questions… if you notice a smile forming, you are on the right track). THAT’s YOUR GOAT! 

Growing GOATs is really about two things, raising great kids (that’s what we are all trying to do) and becoming the best role models for them – which includes knowing and growing your very own GOAT.  You and your family deserve it! When you buy our gear, commit to growing your very own GOAT.  Let it be a reminder that serves you.  Every time you see your GOAT, feel it as if it’s already done and ask yourself; “What action can I take today to bring me closer to my peak?”  Our gear is a way to honor the courage it takes to be intentional in knowing and growing YOUR Greatest Of All Time – your GOAT(s)! For all who have the courage to try their best for the ones they love the most…we honor you,

Lissa & Dusty Bertalot