If you never tell your GPS where to go, will it be able to get you there?  Our minds work the same way.  Constantly programing, planning, analyzing and generating new routes… but is it getting you where you want to go?  Take the time to clearly define what you want and create powerful energy behind why you want it. 

Follow 3-Steps To Know Your GOAT (Your Destination):

When mind & body are aligned and energized – creativity comes in abundance

Get In P.E.A.K. State

P - Physical
E - Emotional
A - Attitude
K - Known Language (choose your vocabulary…both adjectives and ?s)

Get Physically Energized

-Listen to a song that pumps you up and awakes your soul


-Move your body so you can feel your heart beat

Feel Deep Emotional Gratitude 

-Write down what you are grateful for

-Write down what brings you joy

Positive Attitude

-Take ownership and be attentive of your thoughts and feel your emotions

-What are you thinking? How do you feel? Are they Positive Thoughts? Do they make you feel good?

Choose Excited Language

-Choose words to describe your experience that bring you happiness, joy and energy.

-Remove negative and limiting words from your vocabulary

You can't pick your trailhead until you know your destination. 

1. Write down the things that you want to accomplish that will bring you the most joy, pride & satisfaction

2. Circle the most important accomplishments from above

3. Now, write down why it matters

4. Feel Deep Emotional Gratitude

-Write down what you are grateful for

-Write down what brings you joy

5. Now, draft your GOAT with powerful, passionate, energizing and exciting language – make yourself smile and feel your accomplishment!

Be deliberate about how you use your time and focus, otherwise people will take it. 

Commit to being intentional with your energy and focus. 

Every time you see your GOAT feel as if it's already done. 

Ask yourself: "What action can I take today to bring me closer to my peak?"

Know your GOAT? Now Write it down.

 We’ll email it to you along with reminders and inspiration to achieve your Greatest Of All Time!

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